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QOTD: Barth on the Eternal Redeemer

“His then living and speaking and acting, His being on the way from Jordan to Golgotha, His being as the One who suffered and died, became and is as such His eternal being and therefore His present-day being every day of our time … In virtue of His resurrection from the dead Jesus Christ—“the man Christ Jesus who gave Himself a ransom for all”—is (in the same way as the Arena Chapel - CrucifixionOne God) the one Mediator between God and man (v. 5). He was this in the event of Good Friday to be it for ever—this is what the event of Easter Day revealed and confirmed and brought into effect. He not only did represent us, He does represent us. He not only did bear the sin of the world, He does bear it. He not only has reconciled the world with God, but as the One who has done this, He is its eternal Reconciler, active and at work once and for all … His history did not become dead history … He is the living Saviour.”

– Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics IV.1, p. 314